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Who We Are

IDS is locally owned and operated, and has been providing Integrity and Data Management based services to the Oil and Gas Industry in Alberta since 2010. Our main office is located in Edmonton, AB, and we work throughout Western Canada.

We are committed to understanding our clients' needs in regards to integrity and data solutions. We maintain a COR certification, and hold memberships with ISNetWorld, ComplyWorks, Open Invoice, and Cortex. We provide our staff with up to date safety training and inspection certifications to ensure we have quality inspectors and technicians ready for your companies' needs.

What We Do

We provide expertise in equipment integrity, data management, environmental compliance and management systems. Our belief is that we can achieve regulatory compliance and meet industry best practices in an efficient and effective way. To do so, we develop programs that are tailored to our client's needs. Our goal is to help our clients become industry leaders.

Integrity Inspections

Integrity Inspections

Experienced and qualified inspectors to perform all integrity inspections (API 510, 570, 653), including Corrosion Surveys and Non-Destructive Testing (CGSB UT,MT, PT).

Chief Inspection

Chief Inspection & Integrity Management Services

Authorized By ABSA To Act As Chief Inspector. Develop inspection test plans, assess results, manage intervals, prepare reports, and supervise repairs.

Data Management

Data Management

Develop and manage the full cycle of integrity data. We have experienced personnel that can do everything from populating a new database, to performing data migrations, or data cleanup projects.

Management System

Management System Development & Support

Develop, train and support pressure equipment management systems, technical standards, and procedures for integrity and quality.

Internal Auditing

Internal Compliance Auditing

Conduct audits for compliance with ABSA and systems related to integrity and quality. We also perform vendor audits for repair, psv service and pressure vessel manufacturing on behalf of our clients.

Integrity Inspections

We are able to provide, or develop a complete inspection program for your company’s pressure equipment and piping. This will include the creation of inspection test plans as well as conducting inspections. IDS uses competent and certified ABSA in-service, API 510, 570 and 653 inspectors. We will also provide quality assurance by reviewing inspector reports. We will conduct integrity assessments using the results of the visual inspection, corrosion survey data, and available electronic history.

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Chief Inspection & Integrity Management Services

We are authorized by ABSA to act as Chief Inspector for companies that do not have internal Chief Inspector capabilities. We can develop Inspection Test Plans and manage pressure equipment inspection intervals within your organization’s owner-user program. We can assess the inspection results, prepare a summary report of the results, and recommend an appropriate inspection interval. We can complete any necessary non-conformance reporting and prepare work requests that are required for follow up actions.

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Data Management

We can develop and manage the full cycle for data associated with integrity assessments. We will provide the necessary inspection information on an electronic inspection report form to ensure the proper inspections are completed. The electronic inspection report form enables the inspector to provide thorough reports in an efficient time frame.

Once the integrity inspection has been completed and the report has been received from the inspector, we will complete an assessment of the data. We will load the data into the appropriate client database, and prepare Non-Conformance Reports or Work Requests. We have experience with many of the common Inspection Management Databases out there, and can support custom built solutions as well. We can provide customized monthly reports of completed inspection activities to our clients.

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Management System Development & Support


We can develop an appropriate management system and related documentation for your company to meet the requirements ABSA or other management system models.

Internal Requirements

We are able to review the internal requirements of your management system to identify areas of improvement.


If you have an existing management system, we can review the system to identify regulatory or requirement gaps and areas for improvement.


We can support your organization by developing training content for new and existing management systems to help ensure your personnel understand the system and their responsibilities. This training can be administered in person or through electronic learning programs.


We can facilitate your organization’s Management Review and Impacts and Aspects Database creation or review.

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Internal Auditing

Management System Requirements

We can assist your company by auditing your management system against model system requirements such as ABSA PEIMS requirements. This will help ensure that your system meets the regulations set out by these certifying bodies.

Internal Requirements

We are able to review the internal requirements of your management system to identify areas of improvement.


We can also audit against regulatory requirements that are applicable to your organization to identify areas of non-conformance or opportunities for improvement.

Vendor Audits

We can conduct audits on your companies vendors such as engineering firms, environmental consultants, NDE companies, PSV shops,, and welding fabricators to ensure they are meeting both regulatory requirements and your company expectations.

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